Best Friends and Our Search for Love

By: Patricia Bubash, Ed.S., LPC

“He is my best friend.” Not an unusual comment, but typically, we would surmise spoken by a woman, maybe even a man or even a relative. These words came from the lips of a wife.

It isn’t the first time I have heard a wife say this about her other half, but it is the first time that I “really” thought about the impact of a “best friend” relationship to a marriage- and even more impacting, on a remarriage.

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Why Can't They Just Do Things My Way?

by: Janeen Diamond, BA

Is it my imagination or are we living in a world gone mad?

Several of my friends have been suffering and worrying about the attitudes and choices of their grown children. It seems we’re back to that ‘anything goes’ mentality, and a lot of people are paying the price.

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Is He Afraid of Divorce or Commitment?

by: Jim Duzak JD

DEAR JIM: I’ve been going with a guy for nearly three years. I’m 35, he’s 39 and neither of us has ever been married (although he once lived with a woman for four years). He spends most weekends at my home.

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Am I an abused spouse?

by: Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC

Dear Toni:

I want to know if I am married to an abuser. No, this is not a trick question. I am a professional 32 year old, recently married woman who is starting to notice things about my spouse and our relationship that may be red flags.

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Don't Let the Good Guys Finish Last

by: Janeen Diamond 

Quote: “...we see a few redeeming qualities and we think we’ve found “the one.” Well, let me tell you - some of us have found “the one” more than once!”

What is it about us humans that we believe, in order to be truly happy, we need a significant other in our life at all times? I think more of us need to work on being okay with being alone — at least for awhile until we know we are ready for the kind of relationship that will truly add to our own individual happiness.

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4 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse

by: Tammy Greene

Let’s face it, life is crazy!

Trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives is overwhelming. Work, family commitments, school, soccer, dance classes, friends, health, birthday parties, holidays, babies, and so on. Sometimes we look back on the week and wonder where it went.

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Her Boyfriend's Ex is also His Business Partner

By Jim Duzak, JD

Dear Jim:

I’ve been seeing a great guy the past few months, but I’m bothered about one thing. He and his ex-wife still own a business together and basically work side-by-side every day.

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How much should I reveal, and when?

By: Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC

Dear Toni:

I’m a 53-year-old woman who has been divorced for almost three years, and I would really like to begin dating again. There is only one problem—my spouse cheated on me and, as a result, I have an STD. It’s not a deadly one, but it is devastating nonetheless.

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Where Did My Friends Go?

by: Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC

Dear Toni-

I’m a single mom, 42 years old, who has been divorced for about one year. During my marriage, I was part of the mommy clique. We got to know each other through our kids and these connections branched out into couple friendships, in which we went out together, took turns entertaining in our homes, and had a nice network in place.

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Why He Barely Notices You Anymore

by: Dr. Felicia Clarke

You got a new hairstyle, bought a new dress, and spent all day at the salon. He barely even noticed. He used to be captivated, now he doesn’t look at you. Is it your weight or age? Would Botox, breast enhancement, or a chin lift get him to notice? Well, he might notice when the bill comes, but new looks are not what captivates a man after you have been in a committed relationship for a long time.

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She Wants Kids, He Doesn't. Any Solutions?

by: Jim Duzak, JD. 

Dear Jim: I’ve been dating a wonderful guy for nearly two years, and could see myself marrying him. He’s nice-looking, good to me, fun to be with, and has a solid career. He’s also great around kids — my two nieces adore him and he’s a volunteer coach of a girls’ softball team at our church. He says, though, that he doesn’t want kids of his own.

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