In Relationship Limbo

by: Toni Coleman

Dear Toni-

My spouse and I have reached a kind of stalemate in our relationship. We discuss the house/children/ logistical topics- but somehow the intimate conversation and deeper connection have disappeared.

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An Everyday Kind of Love

by: Jim Duzak

I actually like Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s over-hyped. Yes, it creates anxiety and resentment for both men and women. Yes, it’s become yet another occasion for obligatory gift-giving and excess spending. But I think it’s a nice idea to have one day a year honoring the place of romance in our lives. In that sense, Valentine’s Day is like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day: a day to pause, reflect, and appreciate special people and special relationships.

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Co-Parenting: We're All in This Together

by: Lisa LaBelle

The end of a marriage is a time of turmoil for everyone, including extended family. It signifies a rupture in the relationship; never to be the same again.

It is a time when those going through it need unconditional love and support. Did you have emotional support from your family as you faced divorce?

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Friends to Lovers, How Sweet it is!

by: Barbara J. Peters

"Great friends make great lovers." Is it really true? That thought isn't nearly as romantic as "Love at first sight." Most of us fantasize of that once-in-a-lifetime moment when the earth stands still as we catch a glimpse of our soul mate in a sea of faces.

Realistic? Maybe sometimes.

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The Importance of Friendship

by: Jane Collingwood

The causes of modern social problems, from divorce to homelessness and obesity, are often thought to be based in areas such as poverty, stress or unhappiness. But researchers suggest we are overlooking something crucial:friendship.

It would appear that our society is ignoring its importance.

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How Counseling Helps Kids

by: Shannon R. Rios, MS, LMFT

Spending time with a counselor provides your child with one-on-one time with an adult who is focused on them. This can be especially crucial if parents are struggling emotionally.

When I work with children, we sometimes discuss and process difficult things. We also have fun together.

I always spend some time with each child doing something that they enjoy doing. There is always time in my sessions where the child has complete control. Children can sometimes feel out of control during the divorce. Children thrive when they feel that they are the focus of the session and this is special time for them.

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After Divorce: Is a Great Relationship Possible?

by: David Wygant

I'm about to pose a question that we all wonder about, whether deep down or on the surface. You've left a relationship that was dysfunctional for you, and now you have the opportunity to find a better one.

Let's first define what being single is. Being single means you have the opportunity to go find a relationship that you've never had before and be successful at it.

Now here is where it gets tricky. Notice that I used the phrase "never had before."

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Co-Parenting Together Through the Holiday Season

by: Lisa LaBelle

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it's time to make sure you have your holiday visitation schedule worked out with your ex-spouse. As co-parents you both need to keep your number one focus on your children.

They deserve to have a voice when making your holiday plans. It can be done; and you will be wise to listen to their input. Your children need to know that what they hope their holidays will look like matters. Remember to have realistic expectations, and be a team player as you co-parent through the holiday season. Choose to make it the happiest time of the year for you and your children!

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Talking to Your Child: Positive Comments About Their Other Parent

by: Ellen Kellner

Face it. The subject of your child's other parent is going to come up between you and your child. When it is your child who is doing the talking, remember she is also listening.

She is hearing what you say about her other parent and she is internalizing all of those words. So what form will your words take?

Will you talk about her dad through clenched teeth or through a smile? You get to choose what your child hears from you. Choose the Pro Child Way.

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Survival Strategies for You as the Single Parent

by: Patrice Karst

Let go of the need to be a perfect parent, immediately.Once a week, get a baby-sitter. Do a trade with another parent, whatever, and go out alone or on a date or with friends. (You need it. You deserve it)!

Make lists. Pay bills on time. Return phone calls. Stay organized, then it won't all seem so overwhelming.


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How to Help Your Child Through Divorce

by: Sabrina Toucinho

In explaining your separation and divorce, you and your ex-spouse should state explicitly that your relationship has no bearing on the relationship between each of you and the children.

Reassure them that neither one of you will abandon them, and encourage them to discuss their fears with you.

A divorce can be disruptive to your child’s normal activities.

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