Lynn Manning

Lynn Manning is a health and fitness expert, focused on encouraging women to be their best selves through living a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and healthy eating habits. Her husband (Drew Manning) started his amazing journey of Fit2Fat2Fit a few years ago. Through this journey, our websites and New York Times Bestseller (Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose) they've been able to help thousands of people all around the world make a healthy lifestyle change. As a certified women's fitness specialist, Lynn has realized her approach is a bit different from the norm. She's not a trainer because she wants to "transform women's bodies". Beauty is NOT defined by our size (at least it shouldn't be). Lynn trains, because she wants to transform women's minds. She says, "through improving their health and helping them become fit they have more joy, more energy to keep up with kids, and confidence to realize their self-worth. Fitness is really about transforming ourselves from the inside out.... not the outside in. All women are Be-You-Tiful!" 

Lynn's main focus is being a mother of two beautiful girls, business owner and friend..... all while maintaining my healthy lifestyle. Also, she mentions the reality that she is a true "foodie"?! Lynn's philosophy and program are for those of you who are NOT fitness nuts but still want to get fit at home with tasty recipes and exercises that can fit within your schedule while you're out conquering the world (like most us ladies do on a daily basis)! Lynn is a contributing expert at HopeAfterDivorce.com, DivorceSupportCenter.com, FamilyShare.com, CupidsPulse.com, and Newport Lifestyle Magazine. You can follow Lynn and her husband on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fit2fat2fit and Twitter @fit2fat2fit. Visit Lynn's website at  http://www.2fitathome.com/.

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