Common Denominators

by: Lisa Borchetta, MACP, CMC, ACC

My job here is to use my knowledge and expertise as a former mental health counselor and a certified life coach to assist people before, during and after a divorce with information that will assist them and their families in negotiating this challenging and difficult transition. That’s what I do – and I am happy to do it. But based on the tragic events of this week’s Boston Marathon – I feel pressed to take a slight detour today – and hope that you too, will see the common thread.

Though smaller in magnitude then the devastation that occurred on 9/11, the impact of these bombs felt strikingly familiar; a senseless loss of life and life-altering injury dealt upon innocent civilians. It’s incomprehensible, tragic, profoundly sad and quite honestly a desecration of an athletic event that is known locally, nationally and internationally to be rich in history, tradition, competition and inspiration.


As a resident of the greater Boston area – I have spent many years standing on the sidelines moved to tears at the sight of the courageous runners passing by on their way to the finish line, their dedication, tenacity and personal commitment is so very impressive. But this year those tears were stolen by cowardice and destruction. And yet, as the news has unfolded since the race began and then so wrongly ended – a new story began to quickly emerge out of the tragedy. It is a story of bravery, good-heartedness, compassion, caring and love. The service men and women along with volunteers, medical personnel, bystanders and even the runners themselves; quickly surged into action to help and assist the injured and we watched as a community came together to offer their support, lodging, transportation and anything else that they could to assist those impacted by this vicious act.


The marathon has always epitomized the strength of individual will, character and endurance. I have always walked away with a sense of inspiration and motivation – to challenge myself to reach beyond that which is more easily attainable. Today I am once again reminded not only of this, but of the deep goodness in the hearts of people. The community (of Boston and beyond), the caring, the love, strength and resilience of regular people is the inspiration this year. Some “hard times” are more shocking than others, but if we remember to get in touch with the fundamental goodness within each of us, to act from a place of compassion and to have faith in that deep well of human strength and resilience we can, in fact not only get through the hard times in life but sometimes even go on to thrive and inspire others. I hope that you can recognize these dynamics in your own lives – and move forward through these difficult times with hope and ease. Heartfelt best wishes for all who were impacted. May you feel the love through these most difficult of days.

Lisa Borchetta, MACP, CMC, ACC is a Certified Life Coach and owner of Firebird Life Coaching. In addition to her coaching work with individual and group clients, Lisa is also a public speaker, teacher and writer. She is a former Mental Health Counselor and holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. Lisa writes for HopeAfterDivorce.org, FamilyShare.com, and LAFamily. You can visit Lisa’s website at www.firebirdlifecoaching.com, her blog at firebirdlifecoach.wordpress.com and her FB page at www.facebook.com/FirebirdLifeCoaching.


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