What's Bugging You?

by: Janeen Diamond

Quote: “I need to find solutions ...so my family will like me again." I recently wrote an article about getting through stressful times. I mentioned figuring out what’s bothering you -- and then coming up with some solutions -- might help you lessen your stress.

Writing that article, I realized I needed to be taking my own advice.

In doing this assignment, I recognized I really have had a lot of big stress in my life over the past year. But by getting those things down on paper, I came to realize three very important things.

1.I am actually justified in feeling stress! Yes, there are times in life when we feel like it’s just too much. But everyone feels the same way, and it helps to get outside ourselves and realize we are no different than anyone else living on this planet. So just because I am justified in my feelings doesn’t mean I should just keep letting it eat away at me. I need to find solutions so I can feel better about life, and so my family will like me again :)

2. Just because I’m stressed doesn’t mean I have to give up things I love. There are certain things we simply don’t put aside een when we’re stressed -- exercise, relationships and healthy eating are a few of those things. At least I know my health isn’t going by the wayside, I’m not putting on extra pounds, and my friendships with people will keep me positive.

3. Looking at my stress from a different perspective -- seeing it in writing -- can help me break it down into more manageable chunks. I realized when I looked at some of the items on my list, I actually do have a lot of control in how I let them affect me. It is possible to lessen the affects of stress by doing things that will help it start to get better. For instance, my mom recently passed away. My family made a conscious decision to get together and talk about our favorite memories so we could laugh and help dad feel less lonely in the days following her death.

Figure out what those things are that will help you personally with your stress, and begin doing just one of those things today.

Janeen Diamond, Author “Save Your Marriage in 30,”  was newscaster for KUTV News until 2001. Since that time, she has been actively producing commercials and special programming through her company, “Your TV Spot.” She has hosted several television and internet productions, and has been a spokesperson for several products and companies. Janeen authored her first book, “Save Your Marriage in 30,” hoping to help families have greater success and live happier lives. She is a leader over the youth in her church and takes a special interest in helping kids stay on track with their lives. Janeen is currently co-creating “Teen Impact TV,” a website for high school students to give them a creative and emotional outlet. Janeen is a contributing expert for HopeAfterDivorce.org, FamilyShare.com, LAFamily.com, and CupidsPulse.com. Follow her on Twitter @janeendiamond and FB at http://www.facebook.com/janeendiamond.


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